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Tuesday, June 09, 2020

COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and 2020

Well. It's been almost a year since I wrote something on this blog. How's 2020 treatin' ya?

Yeah, I know.

Not long ago, it was winter, and scrambling for a mask was one of the things I was doing, along with figuring out how to get food into the house, where to find hand sanitizer (I finally got some three days ago), and reading everything I could find on COVID-19.

And just when it seemed as if life was under control...

No, it was never under control. You know that. And black people getting killed for doing not one damned thing exploded into chaos and people getting their eyes shot out with rubber bullets and old men getting shoved to the ground by the police for nothing, left on the pavement to twitch and bleed from the head until someone finally called 911.

Someone I know posted the following (paraphrasing because I don't remember the exact words): "I miss the 90s when all this shit wasn't happening every day!"

It's true. I recall thinking that the 90s were boring, when I was living through them.

I'd love to have the boredom and normalcy I experienced 25 years ago back again. Please.

So. 2020 isn't even half over and I've got no idea what I might do to salvage a year where I had planned more travel and seeing family and friends, because after YEARS I finally, finally had the opportunity to do so.

I'll bet you're at a loss, too, over what to do next--maybe how to pay your bills.

So, ho-hum, nothing to do but sit home, stew about sick family, sigh because, with my risk factors, attending a protest would be really dumb, and walk and run in virtual races to raise money, and--

Wait. There's a lot we can do. See the graphic at the top of this blog post. Do what you can. Make noise. Donate. Educate yourself (I'm speaking to whites). Read. Cook. Garden. Love your family. Cherish the time together. Lobby for change. And, oh yeah, vote. Vote them ALL out. And you know which "all" I'm referring to.

Because, when this garbage is over...

Change everything. Make it so. Engage.