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Monday, July 23, 2018

After Ten Long Years...

This blog was last updated right after my dad died in 2008. Life has changed a lot since then. For one thing, we had yet to experience the crash of 2008 and see our hopes and dreams die. More on that another time.
The fog of my future

I'm probably leaving Facebook as of this writing, so I have added a daily bible verse at the top of this blog for those who know me from the FB page, "Know Your Bible in 15 Minutes a Day." Welcome if you have found me through that page! I'm glad you're here and I hope you will sign up for an automated feed (look right) so you can get the daily verse in your inbox. I still have plans to release some books, but right now my day job takes precedence.

This blog will not focus on Sacred Harp, and likely not even singing. Instead, I'll probably open a vein periodically and bleed out, talking frankly about my personal life these days. Frugality, the wonder of some answered prayers, running and seniors track and field (my most passionate hobbies), and the difficulties of living in a marriage that may have run past its expiration date. Other topics not ruled out.

Politics will not be on the agenda except in oblique ways. I might refer to my political views and why I hold them (in brief: what Jesus said, y'all), but no candidate/partisan info or current affairs. I want this to be a politics-free zone. Comments will be moderated, and any persons who try to hijack discussions into contentious areas will not be allowed.

We seek peace in this space, but peace does not mean a lack of honesty or refusing to face facts squarely. It may get raw at times, both in language and content. I hope you will hold on for the ride.