Thursday, March 13, 2008

Upcoming Trips

I am definitely going to attend the GA State Sacred Harp Convention. I can't wait to sing with all my friends! This convention is one I always hate to pass up but can't always attend. This year it's on Easter Weekend (and in western GA), so it will be triply sweet to be there.

Yesterday, I finally found a cheap-enough fare to travel to Egypt to see my daughter, who's researching her dissertation until the fall (she has a ten-month fellowship). She lives in Cairo in an apartment with two other young women, and is thriving, from what I can determine. Ancient Egypt is not one of my interests, but it has been my daughter's passion since she was four--a lifelong love for her, and obviously she's doing what she's meant to be doing.

While there, she plans to take me to Luxor, which is where many of the big temples and tombs are. We've talked on the phone about it, and I'm leaving it up to her to make the reservations. Egypt is her place, and in a sense, she'll be the grownup while I visit. I know it means a lot to her for me to visit, so we said, hang the expense, let's do it. My husband will keep the home fires burning while I'm over there.

In the meantime, I'm simply glad the chore of finding a decent airfare is off my plate, so I can write, write, write. And, until I see my daughter again, I have the Ga State to keep me happy.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Winner of the Book of the Day Contest at AI!

Jennifer Tower of Maine won a copy of my book, COVER ME. Congratulations, Jennifer! Your book will go in the mail in the next day or so.


Winner of the "Read an Ebook Week" Contest!

Congratulations to jackie_wisherd! Jackie has won an ebook copy of my novel, "Cover Me", as part of my "Read an Ebook Week" contest. Yay, Jackie!