Tuesday, January 01, 2008

November Contest Winner, plus a request for YOU to read a manuscript excerpt

Ah, me. The holidays are over, and it's back to work. Winter, for me, becomes dreary after the holidays end. It always feels a little colder and darker after I put away the holiday lights. It doesn't help that I always feel cold in winter. Generally, it's not my favorite season.

On to brighter things, so to speak.

First, the November winner over at AuthorIsland was Carol M. in PA. She won a copy of COVER ME, plus a lovely throw to keep her warm. Congratulations to Carol!

Second, I've been looking at a full manuscript of mine that needs revision, a book that's near and dear to my heart for reasons too personal to reveal here. The ms. needs a lot of work, but it has a special spark in it, I think. So, here's how you can help me.

If you're not already a member of my Yahoogroup, I'm asking you to join, because that's where the information about the novel is posted, along with a long excerpt you can read. If you decide you don't want to remain a member of my Yahoogroup after you read the excerpt, you can leave. I won't be offended if you do. But I really need feedback from my readers regarding the ms.

I need to warn you that it's edgy, and may bother those who read more traditional romances, especially if the reader is sensitive about alternative lifestyles and a heroine's sex life. With that caveat, here's more about the story.

"Alice" (working title) is a light but edgy romance set in the mid-to-late Seventies. The edginess partially arises because the heroine has to decide between two men, but if you were in your twenties thirty years ago, such a situation might sound familiar to you. My wisecracking heroine with Sixties politics comes to Boston in 1976 to find herself, which she does--along with a boatload of troubles and dangers, as well as laughs.

I'd love it if you'd read the excerpt and share your opinion of the story. Email me at sharonanelson [at] gmail [dot] com with your thoughts. (Be sure to remove the spaces in the email address, and turn the [at] into a @ and the [dot] into a period.) I really want to know if you like it or not, or if something about it turns you off. I've heard in publishing circles that romance novels set in the Seventies don't sell. Well, here's your chance to make your voice heard, at least by me.

For taking the time to read the material and send me an email, I'll put your name in the pot for a nice giveaway, so let me know what you think! If you unsubscribe from my group, I'll still keep you in the prize pot, not to worry. (Normally, the contests I run are only for members of my Yahoogroup.)

Well, it's the time of night when I want to curl up with some chocolate (or maybe a piping-hot "English muffin with butter and jam," as the gecko in one of the GEICO commercials says) and a good book in front of my space heater. I hope you enjoyed your holiday season, and that new delights await you in 2008!

P.S. Next post, I'll tell you what Santa gave this Sacred Harper for Christmas...