Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November Contest on Author Island! Win a Free Book & Cozy Throw!

My November contest is on Author Island. Hop on over there (scroll about one-third of the way down the Contests page) and enter for your chance to win! If you're the winner, you will receive a paperback copy of COVER ME, plus a warm and fuzzy throw to keep you covered! Remember to answer the question posed in the contest information (read the excerpt on my Web site for the answer), and you'll be entered!

Stay warm as we move into wintry weather!


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dia de los Muertos

Cool image, si?

I love Dia de los Muertos, which is a Mexican holiday that honors those who have passed on. It also mocks death and celebrates life.

My California friend and I both love the holiday. My affection for it originated in an appreciation of skulls, which first arose from my love of Warren Zevon and his music. Zevon always had a skull somewhere on his album covers. In fact, one picture seemed to have been used repeatedly on most (if not all) of his covers. It even has a name--"Old Velvet Nose." I'm sure Zevon knew what that meant. I sure don't.

Many of Zevon's songs are about death, usually in a thumb-your-nose fashion. In WZ's case, however, death had the last laugh--he died much too soon, of mesothelioma, a lung cancer associated with asbestos exposure, at home on September 7, 2003. He was 56.

Today, I celebrate life, as well as remember loved ones who are now gone. And don't flinch the next time you see a skull. It's merely a memento mori--a reminder that death always lurks behind life.

The Warren understood that.