Friday, February 29, 2008

How "Green" Is Your Reading Material?

I have to say, I never thought about the issue of "green" reading material until I ran across information about Read an eBook Week, which begins this Sunday (March 2-8). As I write ebooks, I really have no excuse not to support Read an eBook Week.

Ebooks are environmentally friendly because they don't require any paper. Did you know that over a third of all books printed are never read? I'm quoting from the Read an eBook web site here: "They are returned to the publisher and end up in landfills."

I was astonished to read that!

So, I am supporting Read an eBook Week, and I hope you do, too. Not only that, I'm giving you an incentive to support it. Simply join my announcements Yahoogroup for a chance to win an ebook copy of my novel COVER ME. (If you're already a member, you're automatically entered.)

That's all you have to do! I'll draw the winner on Sunday, March 9th. Hope to see you on my group, and good luck on winning the book!


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