Friday, February 22, 2008

Frida Kahlo

Yesterday, I took part of the day off to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I even managed to use public transportation into the city and back without getting lost! Such things aren't as easy for me to deal with as they were when I was twentysomething (or even thirtysomething).

I find Kahlo's work fascinating, disturbing--and beautiful. Her life was one of pain, and she truly turned her sufferings into art. However, this post isn't really about Kahlo, her art, or the exhibit. It's about finding inspiration to do what you love.

Art museums are one of my favorite things. Almost all visual art interests me, and I find that it also inspires my muse, creating ideas and giving me energy to write new stories, or finish old ones. Especially when it's winter, I like to visit a museum in order to recharge and refresh myself. It's almost as good as an indulgent visit to a spa. Scratch that: for me, it's even better.

A friend of mine is devoting an entire year of her life to her art, so if you live in the southern California area, keep an eye on this blog for details about her first California show. I'm not going to give away anything--the concept she's working with knocks my socks off--but you might enjoy her unique artistic style. Simply visit her web site to find out more--my favorite is the mariachi snowmen. At the moment, all she has on the site are her paintings, plus photos of other works, but I know that more will be forthcoming.

Do what you love, do what makes you feel creative and vital, even if it's only during a small part of your week. We all need to create, to take a deep breath now and then, to remember who we really are. Try it.


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Linda said...

Thanks for posting the link to the Kahlo exhibit. How exciting to see that it will be coming this summer to where I live.