Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why I've Been Away--and Great News!

The last month has slipped away, for a number of good reasons.

One, my daughter came home from Egypt with a broken bone (can you say, freaking out Mom? Hello?). None of us knew it was any more than a bad sprain until she kept her regular doctor's appointment back here, and the doctor ordered x-rays "just to be on the safe side". She fractured her fibula right above the ankle, the result of a nasty fall in Luxor on some stone steps. Fortunately, the bone had already begun to knit properly, so they didn't have to re-break it and set it (oh, ick, ick, major ick!).

Two, we decided to celebrate both Christmas and Thanksgiving in mid-November, when her boyfriend (unofficially her fiance) was visiting. I threw together two holidays (cleaning, decorating--including the tree, gift shopping, gift wrapping, food shopping, and cooking!) in eight days flat. Needless to say, I did very little else during that eight days. But it turned out wonderfully! We had the best time.

We held it as early as we did because we originally thought she would leave on Dec. 3, but she ended up staying home till the 10th. She returned this past Monday to Egypt for her ten-month research fellowship, so she can do the research she needs to write her dissertation.

My poor muse is feeling somewhat ignored right now. I haven't done a lot of writing in the past few weeks. But today I received word that my novel, COVER ME, has finalled in the annual ebook competition called the EPPIEs. I am absolutely thrilled! I'm up against three other writers in my category (contemporary romance), and I plan to attend the convention in March, just in case I should win.

Oh, yes, something like this inspires me to create afresh. So it's back to writing for me!